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Star 2 Perl Gift Frame


Introducing our exquisite hand-embroidered gift frame, collection, a combination of artistry, craftsmanship, and heartfelt sentiments. Each frame is meticulously hand-embroidered by Preeti the designer, capturing the essence of meaningful moments.


Inspired by the universe, galaxies, stars and the milky way, this design is a depiction of a star formation. Printed chiffon fabric is adorned with bugle beads to create a star constellation.


Whether you're gifting this frame to a loved one, celebrating a wedding, anniversary birthday, graduation or adding it to your own collection, our hand-embroidered gift frame is a thoughtful and memorable way to express your love and appreciation.

Celebrate life's special moments with a touch of elegance and sentimentality with our hand-embroidered gift frame.


Size: 9" x 7"

Star 2 Pearl Gift Frame

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